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Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

bproauto® wheel hub bearings for most makes and models are designed for consistent handling and quiet performance. They are built with high-strength polymer and copper wiring for an excellent ABS signal, and raceways and grooves include super finishing for extended endurance and longevity. 


  • Tested to strict Stellantis fit, form and function standards and O.E. benchmark requirements
  • Durability test
  • Bearing raceway fatigue test
  • Friction torque test
  • ABS sensor signal test
  • Mud intrusion test
  • Stud push-out test
  • Wheel bearing hub impact test



  • Wheel studs
  • Bearings
  • ABS sensors (where applicable)

Ready to install out of the box.

bproauto Basic Limited Warranty

Except as noted below, bproauto parts installed by an authorized Stellantis dealership, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® and Alfa Romeo locations are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for both parts and labor. bproauto parts sold wholesale to an automotive service facility and installed by a professional technician are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for parts and up to $150.00 in labor. bproauto parts sold over-the-counter for vehicle owner or do-it-yourself installation are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for parts exchange only.

bproauto parts replaced on a Stellantis vehicle still covered by the Stellantis New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty are warranted for the remainder of the 3-Year/36,000-Mile New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, or for the bproauto 24-Month Basic Limited Warranty from the original installation date, whichever is more favorable to the customer.

The bproauto Basic Limited Warranty covers the cost of towing a vehicle to the nearest authorized Stellantis dealership if the failure of a covered part causes the vehicle to be inoperative. If a bproauto part is installed in a Stellantis vehicle by an authorized Stellantis dealer, and if, while that part is still under warranty, it causes other parts to be damaged or to fail, those other parts will be repaired or replaced under warranty, regardless of whether the other parts were covered by a Stellantis warranty at the time of failure. These warranties are the only express warranties made by Stellantis for bproauto parts. Except where prohibited by law, this warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy. No person, including a dealer or employee of Stellantis or its affiliated corporations, has the authority to vary or change these warranties.

EXCEPTIONS: The following bproauto products have time and mileage limitations or warranty coverage that differs from the general coverage described above:

  • bproauto Batteries
  • bproauto Brake Pads/Shoes

Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly cross reference

bproautoMOOG Hub AssembliesMoparSKFTimken
1BP00211AA5151222AMVH190AA 2AMVH190AA 52122190AD 52122190ACBR930546HA590346
1BP00213AA5132632AMVH211AA 2AMVH211AA 05154211AABR930711HA590219
1BP00214AA5151482AMVH706AA 2AMVH706AA 04779706AD 04779706ACBR930551HA590467
1BP00215AA5124932AMVH746AA 2AMVH746AA 68184746AEBR930882HA590447
1BP00217AA5151502AMVH199AA 2AMVH199AA 05154199AH 05154199AGBR930884HA590243
1BP00218AA5151142AMVH206AA 2AMVH206AA 52010206ADBR930696SP550104
1BP00219AA5151262AMVH245AA 2AMVH245AA 68024245AABR930808HA590354
1BP00220AA5123332AMVH770AB 2AMVH770AB 05105770AH 05105770AGBR930649HA590230
1BP00221AA5123312AMVH771AA 2AMVH771AA 04766771ADBR930648HA590221
1BP00223AA5101162AMVB768AA 52124768ABGRW25WB000050
1BP00224AA5151132AMVH025AA 2AMVH025AA 68088025AABR930690SP500101
1BP00225AA5151392AMVH228AA 2AMVH228AA 05015228AABR930476HA590000
1BP00226AA5150732AMVH387AA 2AMVH387AA 68030387ABBR930285SP500100
1BP00227AA5133482AMVH552AA 2AMVH552AA 68346842AA 68137552ACBR930881HA590473
1BP00228AA5132702AMVH947AA 2AMVH947AA 52109947AFBR930697HA590245
1BP00230AA5150722AMVH028AA 2AMVH028AA 68081028AAB930284HA500100
1BP00231AA5124802AMVH241AA 2AMVH241AA 05154241ABBR903540
1BP00232AA5125712AMVH265AA 2AMVH265AA 68327779AA 68201265AABR903540
1BP00233AA5410182AMVH829AA 2AMVH829AA 68094829AB 68094829AABM500035
1BP00234AA5151362AMVH214AA 2AMVH214AA 05154214ABBR930688HA590243
1BP00235AA5132342AMVH434AA 2AMVH434AA 52089434AEBR930634HA590036
1BP00236AA5123322AMVH719AA 2AMVH719AA 04766719AC 04766719ABBR930609HA590216
1BP00238AA5125772AMVH146AA 2AMVH146AA 68263146AAHA590607
1BP00239AA5130842AMVH449AA 2AMVH449AA 53007449ABBR930014513084
1BP00240AA5131592AMVH679AA 2AMVH679AA 52098679ADBR930335HA598679
1BP00241AA5124792AMVH744AA 2AMVH744AA 68184744AB 68184744AABR930869HA590361
1BP00242AA5132862AMVH748AA 2AMVH748AA 68184748AC 68184748ABBR930700HA590344
1BP00243AA5123602AMVH762AA 2AMVH762AA 04721762AKBR930850HA590317
1BP00244AA5123022AMVH884AA 2AMVH884AA 52111884ABBR930461HA590141
1BP00245AA2AMVH887AA 2AMVH887AA 68292887AA
1BP00246AA5150632AMVH282AA 2AMVH282AA 05015282AABR930203HA590203
1BP00247AA5132612AMVH353AA 2AMVH353AA 04721353ACBR930644HA590217
1BP00248AA5150612AMVH507AA 2AMVH507AA 05103507AABR930502HA590032
1BP00249AA5124782AMVH745AA 2AMVH745AA 68184745AB 68184745AABR930879HA590362
1BP00251AA5151012AMVH955AA 2AMVH955AA 05179955AABR930507HA590166
1BP00252AA5151792AMVH141AA 2AMVH141AA 68237141AH 68237141AF
1BP00253AA5125102AMVH150AA 2AMVH150AA 68082150ADBR930852HA590474
1BP00254AA5132722AMVH398AA 2AMVH398AA 52060398ACBR930612HA590242
1BP00255AA5151622AMVH437AA 2AMVH437AA 68185437AE 68185437ADB930553HA590268
1BP00256AA5124792AMVH742AA 2AMVH742AA 68184742ACBR930869HA590361
1BP00257AA5124782AMVH743AA 2AMVH743AA 68184743ACBR930879HA590362

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