Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

bproauto® complete strut assemblies are the full package. The all-in-one pre-assembled units are made using O.E.-quality components so they deliver a long wear life. They are designed to install easily, are available for most makes and models and are the most competitively priced in the market.

Maximum comfort, control and durability in all driving and load conditions.

  • Car fitment test
  • Friction test
  • Noise and leakage test
  • Clatter test
  • High/low temperature durability test
  • Stabilizer bracket fatigue test
  • Reservoir tube assembly fatigue test
  • Complete strut assembly durability test
  • Bearing mud durability test
  • Backed by bproauto Limited Lifetime Warranty

bproauto Basic Limited Warranty

Except as noted below, bproauto parts installed by an authorized Stellantis dealership, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® and Alfa Romeo locations are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for both parts and labor. bproauto parts sold wholesale to an automotive service facility and installed by a professional technician are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for parts and up to $150.00 in labor. bproauto parts sold over-the-counter for vehicle owner or do-it-yourself installation are warranted against defects in workmanship or materials for 24 months/unlimited miles for parts exchange only.

bproauto parts replaced on a Stellantis vehicle still covered by the Stellantis New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty are warranted for the remainder of the 3-Year/36,000-Mile New Vehicle Basic Limited Warranty, or for the bproauto 24-Month Basic Limited Warranty from the original installation date, whichever is more favorable to the customer.

The bproauto Basic Limited Warranty covers the cost of towing a vehicle to the nearest authorized Stellantis dealership if the failure of a covered part causes the vehicle to be inoperative. If a bproauto part is installed in a Stellantis vehicle by an authorized Stellantis dealer, and if, while that part is still under warranty, it causes other parts to be damaged or to fail, those other parts will be repaired or replaced under warranty, regardless of whether the other parts were covered by a Stellantis warranty at the time of failure. These warranties are the only express warranties made by Stellantis for bproauto parts. Except where prohibited by law, this warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy. No person, including a dealer or employee of Stellantis or its affiliated corporations, has the authority to vary or change these warranties.

EXCEPTIONS: The following bproauto products have time and mileage limitations or warranty coverage that differs from the general coverage described above:

  • bproauto Batteries
  • bproauto Brake Pads/Shoes 

Suspension Strut and Coil Spring Assembly cross reference

bproautoFCSGabrielGSPKYBMonroe BrakesMonroe Shocks & StrutsMoparSensen Shocks & StrutsUnity
1BP00585AA68248729AD 68248727AD
1BP00586AA68248728AD 68248726AD
1BP00587AA05168589AF 05168587AF 05274531AF 05274533AF 05168581AF 05168591AF
1BP00588AA3335992R 2335992R173125 173127 27312518-92060005168588AF 05168586AF 68230368AF 05274532AF 05168580AF 05168590AF 05274530AF
1BP00591AA1345567G57147812332SR4548 SR4549172292 15302818-818653 18229268404036AD9214-015611620
1BP00600AA1345683 1345750G57447882340SR4504 SR4518 SR462017112628-713318 1811262AMST001AA 04766053AF 05272613AL9212-001115310
1BP00602AA1345831SR450917289628-71046468068867AE 68068957AE 68068866AF 68069958AG9213-030715560
1BP00603AA1345484 2345484G57178; G57607812333 882005SR4218 SR4689172401 27240128-710103 282401 18240105105106AG 05105179AG9213-009615580
1BP00604AA1333402RG57267 G57751812335SR453017250918-816615 18250968043990AG9214-024211356
1BP00605AA2345844G57794SR4536 SR4535(BODY CODE MK)17295228-7108642AMST022AA 68058866AA 68058866AD 05168163AD 05168161AC9213-0235
1BP00609AA1332319LG56956812319SR4039171572L18-814407L 181572L05135538AA9214-014511071
1BP00610AA1333402RG57267 G57751812335SR453017250918-816615 1825092AMST015AA 68039642AG 68039640AF 68039638AC 68039638AG 68043990AB9214-024211356
1BP00611AA1333402LG57266 G57750812334SR453117251018-816616 1825102AMST014AA 68039643AG 68039639AC 68039639AG 68043991AG 68039641AF 68043991AB9214-024311357
1BP00612AA1331821G57206812228SR4175 SR4195171128R18-816681 181128R68042864AC9214-0244
1BP00613AA1331789RG57463882001 882004272367 37236718-819587 382367 2823672AMST017AA 05272924AB 68051842AA 05105174AG9214-0210
1BP00614AA1331789LG57464882000 882003272368 37236818-819588 382368 2823682AMST016AA 05272925AB 05105175AG 68051843AA9214-0211
1BP00615AA3333406LG5746588237327113118-810072 2811312AMST002AA 2AMST031AA 68026529AD 68026141AD9214-0420
1BP00616AA3333406RG5746688237427113018-810071 2811302AMST003AA 2AMST030AA 68026528AD 68026140AC9214-0421
1BP00617AA1336329R 3336329RG57008882312SR4199171577R18-814368R 181577R2AMST020AA 2AMST021AA 68003954AC 68155259AC9214-001911202
1BP00618AA1331685RG57113812220172130R18-816653 182130R68002219AA9214-019411174
1BP00619AA2AMST012AA 2AMST013AA 05180754AA 04782734AD 04782644AD
1BP00620AA2AMST013AA 2AMST012AA 05180753AA 04782733AD 04782643AD
1BP00621AA1335582LG57083882315SR4429171377L 671377L18-818932 181377L2AMST018AA 2AMST019AA 05166820AI 05135573AJ9214-014711211
1BP00623AA1337023RG57800153007R18-92034568185556AF 68157795AE9215-000113422
1BP00624AA1345799 3345799810087 810088 810089172665 37266518-818285 18266568544306AA 68531056AA 68544307AA9214-073611640 11630
1BP00625AA234579927266518-818619 2826652AMST026AA 68544308AA 68544309AA 68544304AA 68544305AA 68544310AA9214-090411530
1BP00626AA1335895R 1335895L810080 810081172899R 172899L18-81829105168652AD9214-0971 9214-097211273 11274
1BP00627AA234579927266518-818619 28266568544312AA 68544313AA 68544463AA9214-090411530
1BP00629AA1335895R 1335895L810080 810081172899R 172899L18-8182912AMST023AA 2AMST027AA 2AMST024AA 68544462AA 68072066AC 68544311AA 68544267AA 68531045AA 68544265AA 68544202AA 68544203AA9214-0971 9214-097211273 11274
1BP00630AA1333508RSR446717295018-8183032AMST017AA 05168166AD 05168218AD9214-0749
1BP00631AA1333508LSR446817295118-8183042AMST016AA 05168167AD 05168219AD9214-0750
1BP00632AA1333703RG57206SR4175172780R18-8186152AMST004AA 2AMST006AA 2AMST005AA 2AMST007AA 68156980AC 68158083AB
1BP00633AA1335908R17264118-818927 18264105168110AH11726
1BP00634AA1335908L17264218-818928 18264205168111AH11725
1BP00635AA2335883L882731SR4622 SR4667 SR4670172546R18-92010268069661AB 68069851AD 68069662AB 68084456AA 68084449AA 68299142AE 68299143AE 68087979AC 68084457AB 68139497AF 68384344AC 68207987AB11818
1BP00636AA1345906R18-92027068298327AE 68298325AE 68298331AE11225
1BP00637AA1345906L18-92026968298326AE 68298324AE 68298330AE11226
1BP00639AA2335992R 3335992R173125 173127 27312518-92060068373958AD 68381242AD 68373948AD
1BP00640AA2335992 3335992L173126 173128 27312618-92060168373959AD 68381243AD
1BP00641AA634579981007867266518-8195592AMST025AA 68544469AA
1BP00643AA1336329L 3336329LG57007882311SR4200171577L18-814368L 181577L9214-000611201
1BP00644AA534579981007957266518-819557 5826659214-108811510 11710
1BP00646AA1332319RG56957812320SR4038171572R18-814407R 181572R9214-014411072
1BP00647AA1335582RG57083882316SR4427171377R 671377R18-818931 181377R9214-014611212
1BP00649AA2331821G57206812228SR4176 SR4196171128L18-816682 181128L9214-024511970
1BP00651AA5331821L812005471128L18-818986 481128L
1BP00652AA5331821R812006471128R18-818985 481128R
1BP00654AA2335895R 2335895L272899R 272899L18-8189439214-07867 9214-07811278 11279
1BP00655AA1331685LG57112812219172130L18-816654 182130L9214-019511173
1BP00698AA1335875R812002172254R 272254R18-816349 182254R9214-054511262
1BP00699AA1335875L812001172254L 272254L18-816350 182254L9214-054611261
1BP00705AA2335895R 2335895L272899R 272899L18-8189439214-0786 9214-078711278 11279
1BP00706AA534579981007957266518-819557 5826659214-108811510 11710
1BP00707AA1331789RG57463882001 882004272367 37236718-819587 2823679214-0210
1BP00708AA1331789LG57464882000 882003272368 37236818-819588 2823689214-0211

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